Who we are

Mooney Pastoral Co. is the proud owner of the Telargra and Tuwinga farms. Situated in the much sought-after, prime Liverpool Range region of New South Wales, covering over 6740 hectare of pristine grazing pastures for sustainable cattle and sheep farming and fertile arable farmland ideally suited for fodder and crop productions, blessed with ample rainfalls and state-of-the-art infrastructure honed through more than a century of first-class cattle and sheep farming practice, Telargra and Tuwinga farms are now in the safe and capable hands of Mooney Pastoral Co which is dedicated to continuing the privileged and established tradition of raising thousands of cattle, mainly Angus and superior British breeds.

With our trading office headquartered in Sydney, Mooney Pastoral Co. ensures that our clients can gain easy access to us with their enquiries and orders and can have the peace of mind dealing with a company which has inherited a pristine and well-endowed environment for cattle and sheep farming and sustainable grazing and farming practice.

What we do

We are primarily a cattle breeder, and our cattle are herded in an idyllic, stress-free, clean environment where they are provided with comfort, sound veterinary care and good nourishment. We understand the importance of stress management in cattle to produce the finest quality meats. "Meat Your Demands: You Desire, We Deliver” is our mission statement and promise to our customers. With humane service kills at Australian Country Choice (EST1620), one of the world’s largest family-owned, vertically integrated cattle and beef supply chain organisations; one of the only beef processing facilities in the world that will slaughter, bone, value-add, retail-ready package and distribute under one roof and in an unbroken cold chain and NCMC Foods (The Northern Co-operative Meat Company Ltd (Establishment 239), this Australia’s one of the largest meat processing facilities, approved by the US Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) and the European Union (EU) to produce for export of bovine meat and offal, our operation ensures the welfare of our cattle at our feedlot and in transport, handling, feeding and presenting healthy and well-conditioned animals for processing and our products meet the import requirements for most of the countries. Halal certificate can be supplied as well.

In addition, we are also an integrated trading business in beef, lamb, mutton and poultry. Equipped with many years of experience and expertise, our specialist trading team can source a variety of finest quality meats for our customers from Australia, North and South America and Europe.

How do we Guarantee Quality?

From our pastures to your plates, our meat is a cut above the others in quality and freshness. Customers’ concern for provenance, safety and quality of products remain uppermost in our mind.

The key elements to proper animal handling, which ultimately lead to quality products consist of the following: the handlers, the stock and the facilities.

We own a modern and efficient operation within a pristine environment with stringent quality control and latest technology in place. Our dedicated and well-trained livestock handlers understand and know-how to interpret and manage animal behaviours to minimize stress and possible diseases. Our cattle are fed with very high-quality grains, with constant access to clean water and shelter.

We are dedicated to supply safe, quality products that meet our customers’ requirements. Food safety is of utmost importance and is reflected in our cattle care practices and quality assurance system. All the beef and meat products we supply are free from chemical residues and get our clean and green ticks. Livestock and operator health and welfare are of paramount importance to us in our daily operations.

Our commitment is to supply the freshest and highest quality meats possible. Your desire for delicious, nutritious, and quality assured meats is our uncompromising goal.