Mooney Pastoral Co

Mooney Pastoral Co. is the proud owner of the Telargra and Tuwinga farms. Situated in the much sought-after, prime Liverpool Range region of New South Wales, covering over 6740 hectare of pristine grazing pastures for sustainable cattle and sheep farming and fertile arable farmland ideally suited for fodder and crop productions, blessed with ample rainfalls and state-of-the-art infrastructure honed through more than a century of first-class cattle and sheep farming practice, Telargra and Tuwinga farms are now in the safe and capable hands of Mooney Pastoral Co which is dedicated to continuing the privileged and established tradition of raising thousands of cattle, mainly Angus and superior British breeds. With our trading office headquartered in Sydney, Mooney Pastoral Co. ensures that our clients can gain easy access to us with their enquiries and orders and can have the peace of mind dealing with a company which has inherited a pristine and well-endowed environment for cattle and sheep farming and sustainable grazing and farming practice.

Our Brands

tuwinga australia beef

Tuwinga - Grain Fed Black Angus

We have named one of our own beef brands after Tuwinga: “Tuwinga, 150 days plus Grain Fed Angus”

Raised and fattened in the diverse and abundantly resourceful farms in the well-known bountiful Liverpool Plains

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MOOYI – Premium Quality Grain Fed Beef

Our Mooyi brand specializes in short to mid grain fed premium quality beef products. After just one bite, nobody can resist the temptation to come back for more.

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